Favorite Plants for the Bird-Friendly Yard

Brown Thrasher

Here's a list of plants that certain birds really seem to like.  These plants provide food and shelter for birds.  You can use this list as you plan the landscaping around your yard and garden.  Choose plants that are most likely to attract the birds that you would like to see. 

Note: plants with the notation "many species of birds" attract too many species to list - making them excellent choices for any bird-friendly landscape.


Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: 536 Ways to Create a Haven for Your Favorite Birds


Trees that Attract Birds

Alder:  Bobwhite, goldfinch, grouse, mourning dove, pheasant.

American Elm:  Black-capped chickadee, goldfinch, pine siskin.

Birch:  Blue Jay, cedar waxwing, finch, junco, titmouse.

Flowing Crabapple:  Finch, grosbeak, mockingbird, towhee.

Dogwood:  Many species of birds.

Hawthorn:  Bobwhite, grouse, purple finch, thrush.

Linden:  Bobwhite, grouse, redpoll.

Maple:  Nuthatch, robin, pine siskin, song sparrow.

Mountain Ash:  Bobwhite, catbird, cedar waxwing, oriole, robin, woodpecker.

Mulberry:  Cardinal, goldfinch, mockingbird, robin, thrush.

Norway Spruce:  Cedar waxwing, finch, grosbeak, grouse, sapsucker.

Red Cedar:  Attracts all birds native to the eastern united states.

Sour gum:  Blue jay, cedar waxwing, robin, thrush, woodpecker.

White pine:  Bobwhite, nuthatch, pine siskin, warbler, woodpecker.

White spruce:  Chickadee, crossbill, finch, goldfinch, woodpecker.


Vines that Attract Birds

Bittersweet:  Many species of birds.

Woodbine:  Black-capped chickadee, flicker, eastern bluebird, mockingbird, robin, thrush, titmouse, woodpecker.

Shrubs that Attract Birds

Arrowwood:  Bluebird, catbird, flicker.

Bayberry:  Many species of birds

Blackhaw:  Cedar waxwing, thrush, woodpecker.

Black Huckleberry:  Bluebird, catbird, chickadee, grosbeak, robin, towhee.

Blueberry:  Many species of birds.

Buckthorn:  Cedar waxwing, finch, grouse, pheasant, thrasher.

Elderberry:  Many species of birds.

Honeysuckle:  Many species of birds.

Inkberry:  Bluebird, bobwhite, catbird, chickadee, robin, titmouse.

Rose (wild):  Cedar waxwing, bluebird, cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, grouse, indigo bunting, mockingbird, robin.

Viburnum:  Bluebirds, bobwhite, cedar waxwing, flicker, robin, thrush.

Winterberry:  Many species of birds.


Flowers that Attract Birds

Asters:  Cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, grouse, indigo bunting, sparrow, titmouse, towhee.

Coneflowers:  Cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, house finch, nuthatch, purple finch, sparrow, titmouse.

Sunflowers:  Chickadee, goldfinch, house finch, meadowlark, mourning dove, quail, red-winged blackbird, tree sparrow, titmouse.