Common Birds: Yellow Birds

American Goldfinch:  5" in size.  The Goldfinch is a small, yellowish bird.  In the summer, the male is bright yellow, with a black cap and black wings.  The female is olive-yellow, with black wings.  In the winter, the male Goldfinch's color fades and he looks very similar to the female.

Food:  Weed seeds and tree seeds are the favorite food of Goldfinches.  At the feeder, Goldfinches prefer thistle seed (nyger) and hulled sunflower seeds.

Range:  Goldfinches are year-round residents of most of the United States. 

More infoAmerican Goldfinch at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak:  8" in size.  A large, yellow bird with black wings.  Named for its large,conical bill.  The male Evening Grosbeak has a dark head, with yellow on its forehead and over its eyes.  The female is grayish-tan in color, with black wings. 

Food:  Evening Grosbeaks prefer tree seeds - especially box elder.  At bird feeders, the Evening Grosbeak will eat sunflower seeds.

Range:  The Evening Grosbeak breeds in the West and Canada.  In the Winter, they come down across the Eastern and Southern United States.

More infoEvening Grosbeak at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


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Goldfinches in flight
Three american goldfinches take flight from a feeder