Common Birds: Brown Birds

A brown and gray house sparrow

House Sparrow:  6 1/2 " in size.  A common, small, brown bird found in city parks and suburban areas.  The male is brown with a gray crown and black bib.  The female is brown with a buff eye stripe. 

Food:  A wide variety of  seeds, berries, bread crumbs, and scraps.  At feeders, House Sparrows will eat cracked corn, millet, sunflower, and other grains. 

Range:  House Sparrows are permanent residents throughout the United States. 

More info House Sparrow at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



A pine siskin

Pine Siskin:  4 1/2 to 5 1/2" in size.  The Pine Siskin is a small, slim, finely streaked bird, with a touch of yellow on its wings and the base of its tail.  Has a thin, pointed bill. 

Food:  Siskins eat weed seeds and tree seeds (such as birch, alder, and hemlock).  At the feeder, their favorite seed is hulled sunflower and thistle (nyger).

Range:  Pine Siskins breed across the very northern part of the United States, in the Rockies, and along the West Coast.  Their winter range depends on the availability of tree seeds in Canada.  In years where seed is scarce in Canada, Pine Siskins can be found in large numbers throughout the United States.

More info Pine Siskin at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


American Robin

Robin:  10" in size.  The Robin has a brownish back and a red breast.  Males are darker than females.  They are a common sight on lawns and in parks.

Food:  Robins eat worms, insects, and berries.  Robins do not usually come to bird feeders, but may be attracted to raisins.

Range:  Robins breed across the entire United States.  Winter range includes most of the country, except the northern plains, northern Midwest, and northern New England.

More info American Robin at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove:  12" in size.  A pigeon-like bird, only sleeker.  The Mourning Dove is a brownish-gray with a long, pointed tail.  The males and females look the same. 


Food:  Mourning Doves eat seeds and grains of all kinds.  They will eat most kinds of seeds offered at bird feeders.

Range:  Mourning Doves are permanent residents across most of the United States.

More info Mourning Dove at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.